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Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Have you ever seen a little home moving on wheels? That is a recreational vehicle, also known as an RV. You might be looking to get one of these if you love to travel around or often have recreational plans. RVs come in many types including motorhomes, coaches, fifth-wheel trailers, caravans, campervans, pop-up campers, and truck campers.

These motorhomes have all home necessities inside them. RVs range from basic to luxurious categories. You can also find basic category RVs for sale, they usually have amenities such as a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a sleeping facility for one or two people, whereas the luxurious ones have more facilities including air conditioning, water heaters, satellite receivers, and televisions.

Further classification of RVs includes trailers (hauled by another vehicle) or self-motorized RVs. Overall, Indiana is the leading state in the US that manufactures and deals with new and used RV equipment. The RV industry in Indiana has an annual economic impact of $32.4 billion, which also creates 126,140 jobs.

The top ten manufacturers of RVs in the US are:

  • 1- Forest River, Inc
  • 2- REV Group
  • 3- Winnebago Industries, Inc.
  • 4- Tiffin Motorhomes
  • 5- Pacific Coachworks, Inc.
  • 6- Thor Industries, Inc.
  • 7- Spevco, Inc.
  • 8- Trailmanor
  • 9- The RV Factory
  • 10- Creative Mobile Interiors, Inc.

RVs are further classified as:

Class A (Motorhomes)

Basically, these kinds of motorhomes are constructed on a chassis of a truck or a bus. The overall design of Class A motorhomes resembles a bus having a flat front with larger window capacity on the sides. When the vehicle is parked, the slide-outs in the motorhome provide a larger living area for the accommodation of more people.

You can transform your bus or truck into an RV by simply reestablishing them with home amenities. These converted vehicles are the largest motorhomes available currently. The truck-converted vehicles are helpful in terms of safety and are easy to maintain. They are more efficient in carrying and moving around up to 36000kgs of weight.

Top manufacturers of Class A motorhomes are:

  • American Coach
  • Coachmen RV
  • Fleetwood RV
  • Forest River RV
  • Monaco Coach
  • Nexus RV

Class B (Camper Vans)

Class B RVs are actually van-converted vehicles. The roof and back of the van are basically reverted with the installation of interior features. These types of RVs can move up to 4500kgs of weight. In Canada and the US, Class B motorhomes are built on different frames depending on the design and engine. In California, for example, a Class B RV must have four features including a sink or shower, a refrigerator, a cooking system, and an AC unit.