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Here at Equipment Anywhere, we understand that each industry has its own individual requirements, specialist technology and industry-specific service needs. That’s why we make it easy and efficient to access an expansive range of machine tools for sale from a comprehensive array of categories that will be of interest to many industries. We offer an efficient service, helping you to find the right new or used machine tools to maximize productivity, enhance the services you provide and stay on top of maintenance.

How it works

We make it simple for you to find the ideal new or used machine tools to suit your needs, simply browse by category or by manufacturer. Once you’ve narrowed your search, Equipment Anywhere connects you to a list of sellers offering high quality and reliable machine tools for sale in a range of locations. Find the machine tools to fit your needs from a seller you can trust, and Equipment Anywhere will facilitate a safe and secure transaction. We save you time and effort by quickly connecting you to thousands of trusted sellers that offer the right machine tools to fulfil your needs.

A wide range of categories

We make your search for new and used machine tools easy by offering an extensive list of categories to choose from. The categories include balancing machines, which will direct you to a varied range of balancing machines, including universal balancing machines that can be adapted to various sizes of rotor, diverse semiautomatic balancing machines, or fully automatic balancing machines that offer automatic transfers of rotor. The forging category will direct you to a range of top condition forging tools available from numerous sellers. The tools offer a range of capabilities to best suit your precise needs, including multi-functional machines that can be used for forging, welding, chiseling, drawing-out, punching, bending and twisting. From deep hole drilling machine tools with varying sizes, capabilities, and features to laser cutting machines that are suitable for different sizes and shapes of material, Equipment Anywhere offers over 40 categories of machine tools for sale and a large variety of tools within each category.

Choose from over 100 manufacturers

Of the thousands of new and used machine tools available from our list of trusted sellers, there are tools from over 100 manufacturers to choose from. Narrow your search by clicking on one of your preferred manufacturers, or find tools from many industry-leading names such as Trumpf, Amada, Komatsu, DMG Mori, Okuma, Hyundai, and many more. Explore available tools manufactured by Trumpf, a specialist in optimized machine tools and laser systems that increase workplace productivity. Amada offers over 60 years of experience at the forefront of the fabrication industry, while Komatsu offers industry-leading innovation, and DMG Mori a leader in cutting tools. There are machine tools for sale from many respected manufacturers and specialist tools to suit almost any industry.