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Wheel excavators are the alternative to the track excavator, switching tracks for a four-wheel drive undercarriage. They typically use powerful planetary axles, which are designed to oscillate and maneuver through uneven terrain. The primary advantage of the wheel excavator is its mobility and maneuverability. It can be driven to the worksite rather than transported, and most wheel excavators for sale come equipped with hydraulically extendable outriggers used to stabilize the machine when digging or earthmoving.

Wheel excavators are used similarly to track excavators for construction and excavation projects. However, whereas track excavators move around the construction site on steel tracks, wheel excavators move on tires which provide greater mobility, maneuverability, faster speeds, and the capability of working on or off-road. They are good in tight spaces but can still get in and out of the most difficult job sites. Equipment Anywhere offers Caterpillar wheel excavators for sale as well as options from other major manufacturers within our listings, so if looking for new or used wheel excavators for salethen don’t hesitate to browse our advertised dealer inventory.