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This mobile trailer, popularly known as a "Fiver," is a favorite of many, particularly those who take long trips or live in their RV full-time. The distinctive overhang above its tow truck bed is often used as a living room space as well as a dining room and, in recent times, a kitchen.

Since they attach higher up the tow vehicle's wheelbase, fifth wheels are thought of as being safer and easier to tow than conventional mobile trailers. This allows for more support. In any RV, storage capacity is always a problem. With higher ceilings and more storage capacity underneath the unit, fifth wheels help to solve this issue. There are many reasons to consider a fifth wheel for sale including:
1. The fifth wheel trailer is attached to the truck's axle directly.
2. Some owners think that backing up with a fifth wheel is easier.
3. There is huge basement storage capacity in the fifth wheel trailer.
4. The bedroom is usually isolated from the living room.
5. Fifth wheels have interior spaces that are larger and have a much more suburban feel to them.
6. The fifth wheel trailer allows for higher ceilings and more room.
7. Since fifth wheels can be longer in length, they also have more living space to offer.

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