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Class C motor homes provide open air life experience for larger families at a lower price than Class A motor homes. Class C motor homes are more comfortable than Class B motor homes but have a smaller size than Class A motor homes. They do provide greater fuel efficiency than Class A in part due to their raised sleeping or storeroom space over the RV cab and more compact design.

Class C motor homes may be compact, large, or super large, but they are often shorter in length and not too large, making the tight places more easily accessible. Adult passengers have the ability to use amenities such as a bathroom or a fridge while the vehicle moves. Most Class C motor homes have a slide out to increase living and storage space. Some models offer the ability to carry ATVs, bicycles, or kayaks easily. Many automotive dealers offer chassis and engine services for the Class C. Class Cs have a rather limited towing capacity for carrying a freight trailer or "dingy" as opposed to Class A, with the exception being the Super C which has a towing capacity rivaling many Class A motor homes.

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