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2007 Caterpillar 140H $ 89,000
  • Saint-albert, Quebec , Canada
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 8,700   |   Serial: APM3548

Ripper Pb Excellent Condition. Ex County As Good As It Gets....

$ 89,000
4 Days Ago
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1998 Caterpillar 140H $ 69,500
  • Seattle, Washington , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 12,525   |   Serial: 2ZK03638

Eng. S/n 6nc09895, Snow Arrangement A/c, Protection Tire Chains, Converter Communication, Radio Ready Entertainment, Windows Lower Opening, Guard Transmission, Cab Rops High Profile, Accumulators Blade Lift, Hydraulics Base & 4 Functions, Lines Plo...

$ 69,500
6 Days Ago
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2012 Caterpillar D8T $ 99,000
  • Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 26,542   |   Serial: MLN01556

Machine Is A Strong Machine For Hours And Age Runs & Functions Properly. Just Came Off A Mine Site Moving Tailing- Not Shock Loading Application. The U/c Is In Good Condition. It's A Tidy Unit For Hours/ Age. Uc Looked Good 65%+. Sprockets, Rollers,...

$ 99,000
1 Week Ago
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1996 Caterpillar 325BL $ 46,000
  • Arlington, Nebraska , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 18,070   |   Serial: 2JR00465

Boom, R-reach (20'2") , Stick, 10'6" Bucket-hd, 1.78 Cyd, 52inch Bucket With Teeth With Coupler, Tracks Shoes 32" Tg, Guard, Bottom,heavy Duty Guard, Track Guiding, Guard, Vandalism, Hand Control Pattern Changer, Linkage, Bucket, C-family, Side Cutte...

$ 46,000
1 Week Ago
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2007 Caterpillar 140H $ 65,000
  • Seattle, Washington , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 9,521   |   Serial: CCA03351

14' Mold Board, Front Lift Group W/ Hydraulics, Front and Rear Lights. Has Below Issues In Transmission. Trouble Shoot And Repair ­ Transmission Selector Vlv. It Starts And Will Load On A Truck. Machine Starts To Lose Gears 3-4 When It Get...

$ 65,000
1 Week Ago
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2012 Caterpillar 140M2 $ 99,000
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 9,250   |   Serial: M9D1347

Moldboard, 14' Plus, Engine Tier 4 Interim Ripper-scarifier, Rear Tires, 14.0r24 Mx Xgla2 1* Mp Base & 1 (Rip), Aro Activated ( Si Tech), Push Plate, Lines,standard W/o Accumulator Comfort Package, Rear Vision Cameras Global Arrangement, Low Ambient....

$ 99,000
1 Week Ago
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2004 Caterpillar 140H VHP $ 86,000
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 14225   |   Serial: APM01092

Air Conditioner With Heater, Fan, Defroster, Rear Window, Engine, Dual Hp Setting, Hydraulics, Base & 1 Function, Ripper-scarifier, Tooth, Ripper, Push Plate, Counterweight, Blade, 14' X 24" X 7/8" 8x-, Lights, Cab Mounted, Radio Ready, Entertainment...

$ 86,000
3 weeks ago
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1988 Caterpillar 140G VHP $ 54,000
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 16555   |   Serial: 72V11085

High Profile Cab , Mid Mounted Scarifier, Air Conditioner Tip Control, Slip Clutch, Tires,michelin 14x24 @40%, 14' Moldboard / Mirrors, Circle Drive 60.3", Engine 3306,150hp ( New 140g Rear Ripper Available For Additional )...

$ 54,000
4 weeks ago
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2009 Caterpillar 140M $ 69,000
  • Iowa City, Iowa , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 10,500   |   Serial: B9M00870

Cab, Am Fm Radio, 14' Mb, 14.0r24 Tires @ 80% Remaining. Snow Arrangement, Front Lift Group Condition: Ex County Unit Well Maintained Engine Runs Good With No Smoke, Transmission Runs Good And Is Dry No Leak, Hydraulic Pump Good And Dry, D...

$ 69,000
3 months ago
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1997 Caterpillar 140H $ CALL
  • Medford, Minnesota , USA
  • Condition: New   |   Hours: 13,850   |   Serial: 2ZK02071

14’ Moldboard, AC, Air Dryer, AM FM Radio, Beacon, Blade Extension, Circle Clutch, Defroster Fan, Differential Lock, Erops, Ether Aid, Fenders, Front Hitch/Lift, High Profile Cab/Rops, Hydraulic Rear Post, Lighting, Mirrors, Snow Wing, Variable Hor...

3 months ago
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2003 Caterpillar 140H $ 82,000
  • Fontana, California , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 16059   |   Serial: APM00980

MS-ripper , Push-block, 17.5 x 25 tires @ 80% remaining, Good working condition....

$ 82,000
4 months ago
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2011 Caterpillar 140M2 $ 95,000
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 7,293   |   Serial: M9J00454

Erops, Air Conditioner, Cab, Low Profile, Side Shift, Tip Control, Variable Horsepower, Diff Lock/Unloc, All Wheel Drive, Engine Enclosures, Slipclutch, Lighting, Blade Float, Joystick Steering....

$ 95,000
4 months ago

Heavy Equipment

At Equipment Anywhere, we specialise in heavy construction equipment suitable for road maintenance, landscaping, paving, and earthmoving. Our excavators, backhoes and skid steers, for example, are capable of lifting, demolishing, digging and clearing debris from building sites in a way that is swift, clean, and efficient. We also offer stationary pieces of heavy-duty machinery such as light towers and generator sets.

Your go-to company for any project

We sell a wide range of heavy equipment that covers a range of industries. Whether you need equipment for a construction project, for road-building, or for paving, we are here to help. Our used and new machinery has been specially designed to suit specific conditions such as tight workspaces, sloping terrain, or open spaces.

How to find construction equipment that suits your needs

Regardless of your project aims and the industry in which you work, there are four vital factors you should take into account when selecting your equipment:


Equipment that uses diesel fuel tends to enjoy the best mileage on the market, but it also tends to come with high maintenance costs. Electricity and petrol-fuelled alternatives may be a better and cheaper option if you intend to use the machinery intermittently.


Price is not always an indicator of quality. Remember to do your research beforehand

Size of the job

If you are looking to keep your equipment strong and in good working order, you may want to opt for equipment that is a little more powerful than necessary. If you want to save on fuel costs, however, you should look for machinery that meets the minimum requirements for the job.

Maintenance factors

Always try to look for equipment that has been built for the relevant terrain and applications. This will minimise the need for repairs and prolong the life of your machinery.