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New and used drills for sale are available in horizontal and vertical varieties and are utilized in various industries including construction and utilities to perform functions ranging from laying underground utility lines to exploring layers of rock and soil. Drills are vital construction tools that can be found on construction sites around the world. Horizontal drills can perform jobs ranging from laying underground utility lines and pipelines to drill blasting holes to make tunnels to tapping into oil and natural gas deposits. Vertical drills, on the other hand, are more traditional and are able to drill down to sink water, oil, and gas wells, explore layers of rock and soil, and drill blast holes in quarries to extract monolithic sheets of rock.

Typical drills for sale share many common features. Often, the hard drill bit will cut a hole as the operator of the drill or an automatic mechanism adds threaded pieces of drill pipe between the bit and the motor to form a drill string. A hammer feature will function to tap the rotating bit into compacted soil or rock many times per minute to increase the effectiveness of the drill. By using drilling fluid such as water or mud or utilizing compressed air that is forced down through the drill string and exiting near the tip as the bit progresses deeper, the drill rig is able to convey dislodged rock and soil out of the hole. Some of the most popular manufacturers of drills for sale that can be found on Equipment Anywhere include Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco, Sandvik, and Tamrock, among others.