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2006 Caterpillar D7R $ 78,000
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 7918   |   Serial: ABJ00642

Erops, Winch, Air Conditioning, Heater, High Drive, Single Tilt, S Blade, Differential Steering. Condition:  Will Come In Good Running Condition. U/c Approx. 50%-60% Remaining. $ 12000 Spent To Make It Work Ready In Shop....

$ 78,000
2 months ago
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1986 Caterpillar D7H $ 54,000
  • Iowa City, Iowa , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 14,454   |   Serial: 79Z01313

Air Conditioner, Blade, Semi U, Blade, Single Angle Tilt, Engine Enclosures, Erops, Screens, Steer, Lever, Sweeps....

$ 54,000
2 months ago
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1993 Caterpillar D6H LGP $ 42,000
  • Iowa City, Iowa , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 18,880   |   Serial: 3YG05765

Air Conditioner, Blade, Single Angle Tilt, Drawbar, Lgp, Am Fm Cd Radio, Bluetooth Radio, Engine Enclosures, Lighting, Blade, S, Diff Steer, Erops Condition Notes: Uc Approx. 50-55% Remaining. Started And Ran Good, Shifted Through All Tran. Spe...

$ 42,000
2 months ago
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2003 Caterpillar D8R II $ CALL
  • Salt Lake City, Utah , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 26,500   |   Serial: 6YZ01177

SU-Blade, MS Ripper, 50% U/C Approx. with recent pin and bushing turned. Engine reconditioned in June of 2018. Trans rebuild in 2013. Bearing and seal replacement in Feb 2020....

4 weeks ago
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1999 Caterpillar D9R $ 86,000
  • Ohio City, Ohio , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 22,000   |   Serial: 7TL


$ 86,000
1 month ago
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2008 Caterpillar D7R II $ CALL
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 11888   |   Serial: 0AGN01804

With Ripper , Blade Bundled Up With Arms....

4 months ago
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2000 Caterpillar D7R $ 64,500
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 17820   |   Serial: 02HR00900

Guard, Crankcase,es, Lights, Six, Enclosures, Engine, Guard, Fuel Tank, Radiator, Trash, Track, 24" Es (40 Sec) Trap Hd, Striker Bar, Ripper, Multi-shank, Tooth, Front, Landfill Blade W/trash Rack, Batteries, Heavy Duty, Heater, Engine Coolant,120v, ...

$ 64,500
5 months ago
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2003 Caterpillar D8R II $ CALL
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 13,035   |   Serial: AKA00778

New U/C 2000 hours ago. New Engine 2000 Hours Ago, Will Come with New Torque Converter Installed ( Service records also attached ) This unit had a new engine and undercarriage at 11,024 hours. It is in the shop right now getting a torque converter. E...

1 year ago
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2002 Caterpillar D9R $ 88,000
  • Idaho City, Idaho , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 39,426   |   Serial: ABK00614

Cab, M/S Ripper, A/C, Good Running Condition....

$ 88,000
1 year ago
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1998 Caterpillar D9R $ CALL
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 28,000   |   Serial: 7TL00997

Cab, SU Blade, Winch, Well Maintained, Good Running Condition....

1 year ago
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2007 Caterpillar D6R XL $ CALL
  • Houston, Texas , USA
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 10,884   |   Serial: GJB00707

D6R-XL DS III Tractor, 6SU XL Bulldozer, Basic, 6 Ripper, Multi-shank, Rops Pkg, Sheffield Rops Pkg.Cy,Sw,S&R SCR, HD Hinged Rad Guard, Rad Core Protect.Grid, Prescreener, Track, 22" Es (41 Sec) HD, P.T.Eco-drains, Mounting, Cylinder, Cylinder, Lift ...

1 year ago
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1990 Caterpillar D9N $ CALL
  • Vernon, British Columbia , Canada
  • Condition: Used   |   Hours: 0   |   Serial: 1JD02414

Recent Repairs Include Rebearing / Reseal Torque, Hardbar, and Most Hoses Replaced. EX Pulp-mill Machine. Cab, Near New Cat Undercarriage 90% Remaining SS Ripper, Machine is in Excellent Condition. Will Come With Semi-U Blade....

1 year ago


A bulldozer, or simply dozer as it is often referred, is a large, heavy-duty tractor equipped with a big metal blade in front used to push substantial quantities of soil, sand, rubble, or other materials during construction and typically equipped with a ripper in back used to loosen densely compacted materials. New and used dozers for sale may be purchased for use on a wide range of work sites, including mines and quarries, industrial factories, military bases, farms, and engineering projects.

There are two main types of dozers for sale, those being the crawler dozer and the wheeled dozer. If working on already tampered ground, buying wheel dozers for sale might be the best option. However, if working on rougher terrain, finding crawler dozers for sale would be more ideal to complete the work. Some wheel dozers have a flat blade specifically designed for pushing materials, but others have a curved blade that is more able to lift and dump materials. The tracks of the crawler dozer allow it to work on the toughest terrain and their surface area reduces ground pressure and helps the dozer avoid sinking or becoming stuck on softer ground. Crawler dozers may even be fitted with wider tracks to further reduce ground pressure and compaction to the ground surface. The transmission has been specially adapted to the tracked system to allow for excellent traction as well.

Equipment Anywhere, through our ever-expanding network of equipment dealers and individuals advertising using our digital equipment marketplace, is able to offer Caterpillar dozers for sale, Komatsu dozers for sale, as well as those from other leading manufacturers such as John Deere, CASE, Liebherr, and Dresser.