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A compactor is a machine which utilizes weight and force to flatten out materials such as waste, soil, or gravel. In waste management, a compactor can be used to reduce the size of waste material in a landfill to clear more space for more waste collection. In road construction, compactors can be used to grade the dirt or level the gravel. If searching for new or used compactors for sale, it is important to be aware of their large size variances and differences in usage as they range from large, self-propelled machines to small towable implements.

There are also numerous types of compactors for sale on the market. The smooth drum compactor is a popular category and comes either with a single drum in the front and standard wheels in the back or with two drums (one front and one back). Combination compactors are similar but have a smooth drum in front and pneumatic tires in back to assist with the compaction process. A padfoot compactor has a roller that is covered in pads or spikes and can come in the one or two roller variety. This type is often used in a landfill setting. Pneumatic compactors have rows of pneumatic tires rather than rollers, and smaller compactor varieties include walk-behind and tow-behind compactors.

At Equipment Anywhere, we offer Caterpillar compactors for sale, Dynapac compactors for sale, Ingersoll-Rand compactors for sale, as well as those from other leading manufacturers such as BOMAG and Volvo through the large dealer network advertising their equipment on our digital marketplace.