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We sell a range of heavy equipment attachments suitable for many tools including tractors, bulldozers, skid steers, and excavators. Kitting out a piece of machinery with these special attachments will allow users to carry out additional tasks that would not viable using the standard design alone.

A hydraulic spreader attachment, for example, can transform a skid steer from a machine with basic lifting capabilities to a multi-functional farming tool that can plant seeds and spread fertiliser. It could also turn a standard piece of road maintenance machinery into a tool for spreading salt across roads blanketed in snow. Ultimately, using certain attachments will help you to perform a number of different tasks with only one piece of equipment. This will save you money and time in the long term.

Our list of heavy equipment attachments includes items for digging, demolishing, trenching, transporting heavy materials, mulching, and carrying out controlled spraying. We hope that you will find the tools needed to complete your projects in ways you may never have thought possible!

Picking the right attachments for your purposes

Many heavy attachments require substantial power takeoff (or PTO), so it is important to make sure the engine of your machine is equipped with enough horsepower for things to run smoothly. Apart from this, it is a good idea to base your purchase decisions on the task at hand. The following attachments are just a few that you might find useful:

- Augers: These can drill holes for tasks such as planting trees and extracting ore

- Quick couplers: These hydraulic changers allow users to swap out their attachments swiftly

- Grapples: These are claw-like tools that can help remove debris and rocks, perform demolitions, and aid in carrying objects such as logs

- Pallet forks: These are used to handle pallets in the same way as a forklift

- Pusher blades: These can turn certain types of machinery into equipment capable of shifting materials as well as grading surfaces

- Trenchers: These are suitable for digging trenches in a variety of terrains

- Plate compactors: These can compact the outer layer of roads and car parks in order to generate a smooth surface

- Breakers: These can pulverise very dense or compacted materials

How to find decent used attachments for heavy equipment

Most used attachments will come with a little wear and tear. You should be wary of the following warning signs, however:

- Pristine paint: Beware of sellers that hide damage or rust with a coat of fresh paint

- Leaks: Many attachments rely on hydraulics, so cracks or leaks will impact their usability

- Welds: These could impact the performance on your attachment

- Odd noises: Strong noises could indicate operational problems that could end up costing you money.