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Harvesters are undeniably one of the most important agricultural categories. The new and used harvesters for sale category is broken down into combines, cotton pickers, both self-propelled and pull-type forage harvesters, various types of headers, and a catch-all other harvester subcategory. Harvesters and headers share the essential purpose of helping farmers harvest their crops, and technological advancements allow for increased time-savings and efficiency in accomplishing this task. Combines, in particular, are an especially vital harvest machine as they are able to increase the efficiency of completing harvesting activities by combining several jobs into one machine by cutting, threshing, and winnowing crops. Technological advancements have also reduced the amount of labor needed to operate the machinery by automating many relevant tasks and operations.

Header attachments include row crop, platform, and forage headers, each of which is used for its own distinct function. Platform headers are equipped with a cutting bar, rotating wheel, and auger to move the crop into a combine for further processing. Row crop headers perform a similar function, but they have points, often called snouts, which move between rows of corn, rice, cotton, and other crops. Forage headers are broken down further into row crop, rotary, and windrow styles, and they are used to harvest maize, grasses, and other various forage plants into processed haylage and silage. Equipment Anywhere offers many types of harvesters for sale from some of the leading manufacturers including John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Case IH, New Holland, Gleaner, CLAAS, and Mac Don, among others.