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Harvest equipment includes various agricultural equipment such as grain carts, grain wagons, and forage wagons and is used to store and haul harvest crops. New and used harvest equipment for sale is built to handle anywhere from several hundred all the way up to a thousand or more bushels of crops and temporarily store them to move to a more long-term storage location such as a grain bin. Grain carts are typically pulled by a tractor and equipped with an auger system to transfer grain into a grain truck. Gravity wagons, as the name implies, use gravity, sloped side walls, and doors located on the bottom to unload grains and crops. Forage wagons can be attached to a forage harvester or pulled behind or next to it and utilize a front, rear, or combination option to unload forage crops.

Modern harvest equipment for sale also features some advanced technologies to improve performance. Grain carts now come available in both wheeled and tracked configurations, with the tracks helping with more wet soil conditions. Cameras, sensors, monitoring devices, and other electronic features have also been developed to increase the efficiency of harvest equipment. Grain and gravity wagons are also now built with more durable materials and with more technology to be used in tandem with the tractors and harvesters with which they are paired. At Equipment Anywhere, interested buyers are able to locate various types of new and used harvest equipment for sale from some of the major manufacturers in the industry today such as Brent, J&M, KillBros, Unverferth, Parker, Kinze, Demco, and Meyer.