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Used Combo Bod for Sale

A unique type of pickup truck that is used for multiple purposes is the combo body or combo bod. It is a combination of service body and contractor body. The combo body allows you to perform any kind of pickup work due to its extended features. It is so efficient that you can use it even on the most challenging route.

Oftentimes, a combo bod for sale is bought and used by construction contractors to move and tow material from one place to another. Several other industries also feel comfortable selecting this vehicle for their material supply need. It has a basic body with two doors and an extended cargo area. Due to the combination of a platform and service body, it provides you with enough space in the cargo area and passenger compartment as well.

Equipment Anywhere aims to provide you with used vehicles of top-notch quality. You can count on us to get the best used combo bod. We are available to serve you whenever you want.