Beacon, Controls, Contacting Grade, Controls, Electric Feed, Controls, Non Contacting Feeder (Sonic), Controls, Non Contacting Grade (Sonic). Controls, Power Assisted, Controls, Slope, Epa Label, Extensions, Generator System, Leveler, Lighting, Power Crown Control, Power Height Control, Power Slope Control, Push Roller, Screed, Electrical Heating System, Screed, Extendable, Screed, Std, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel, Wand.

Basic Information

  • Category:
    Asphalt / Pavers / Concrete Equipment
  • Brand / Model:
    Caterpillar / AP1055D
  • Year:
  • Condition:
  • Hours:
  • Serial:
  • Location:
    Houston, Texas
  • Country:
  • Price:
    $ 33,000
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