Tips to Protect your Equipment and Tools from the Harsh Winter

Winter can be quite harsh on heavy equipment and construction tools. Even if you have decided to park your machinery during this season you still need to take some necessary measures to protect it. If you are not putting your machines to use than you should at least start them periodically and move the joysticks. It is also a good idea to travel a short distance with the machine from time to time.

Operator’s Manual

There are a lot of different brands and types of equipment in the market so the first thing that you should do to come up with a strategy is to consult the operator’s manual. You can develop and execute the proper action plan only by studying your equipment and it’s needs. When you are looking for equipment like used compactors for sale you should discuss with the dealer about the proper maintenance procedure or consult the manual. If you do not have the operator’s manual you should look it up online as most of the manufacturers have made them publicly available.

Check Equipment Lights

A lot of equipment operators and foreman tend to continue working into the dusk since winter days are quite short. So, you should make sure that all the equipment lights are working properly. If you add auxiliary lighting packages it can help conserve battery as well as provide amazing lighting on site. Condensation in this weather is quite common and can fog the windshield of your equipment so remember put a towel in the cab as well.

Keep the Tracks and Undercarriage Clean

In winter you should pay extra attention to the tracks and undercarriage of your equipment. If they have ice or frozen mud residue it can lock up the undercarriage so pressure wash the machine to clean them properly. Moving the machine without removing the frozen gunk could end up damaging the machine’s pins, bushings and rollers. If you are not able to maintain your equipment properly in winter you might have to start looking for dozers and compactors for sale when you land a job. Finding quality equipment at short notice is quite difficult so make sure to keep your equipment clean and maintain it properly.

Tires and Hoses

Tires and rubber hoses can become brittle and get damaged easily in the winter, so it is important to tread lightly in this weather. Temporary air leaks in the tires are also more frequent in winter so make sure to check the tires regularly.

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